Sunday, December 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday, where lots of great authors post six sentences from one of their works.  Just click the link to find all the other sites.

This week's snippet comes from Special Rewards, book two of the Coursodon Dimension series.  This bit doesn't really require any setup.  Anyone who loves coffee can relate.


After the wildlife sighting, I continued off to purchase the accoutrements to maintain my caffeine habit. An hour later, with twelve new, inexpensive mugs and a pound of Guatemalan Oriflama, I was ready to return home. I admit, I felt a little like an addict when, at each stoplight, I jammed the bag of beans into my face and deeply inhaled the heady aroma. That I managed to make it back without hyperventilating from breathing in the scent of Arabica was truly nothing short of miraculous. I imagined being pulled over and the cops yelling, "Drop the bag, lady. Drop it, the beans aren’t worth it."


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  1. Ah yes, my favorite addiction. I enjoyed what you did here, it's a snappy and funny piece. Nicely done.

  2. Fun! I can smell the beans from here, yummy...had to laugh about buying twelve mugs - I'd probably do the same. Terrific excerpt!

  3. Lmao!!
    Thx for doing the hop!!