Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Money Not Well Spent

I tried a paid book promotion today.  My book was the "sponsor" for the free books mentioned for that day.  There are two words to describe the marketing experiment:


I sold...get ready to be astonished...3, that's right, 3 books today!!!  That's what I normally sell WITHOUT having a pricey promotion.  (To be precise, I sold four books, but one was returned.)  I know, it was silly to think promotion of a non-free book on a free book page would result in a lot of sales.  After all, people are looking for FREE BOOKS!   I'm pretty sure the person that bought and then returned the book was someone who thought it was free and was horrified to find it actually cost $2.99.

What was I thinking?  I should have just flushed the frickin' money down the toilet for all the good it did.  It would have been better to use the money to just buy my own book.  At least that way my popularity numbers would look better.  

But, to look on the bright side, it was a learning experience.  A phenomenally wretched one, but one learns best from one's mistakes, right?  That's what I get for making marketing decisions at 2:30 am when suffering from insomnia.  

Next time I can't sleep, I'll just download porn like a normal person.

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