Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Example of Someone with No Social Skills

A guy at work told me that he started reading my book, but he didn't think it was very good.  (Ouch!) He was also having trouble understanding that the main character wasn't me (?).  I can understand his confusion.  Obviously I have been possessed by a supernatural being who was trapped in my Kindle.  And if it is me, then supernatural beings must exist. And a parallel dimension.  Not to mention the fact that  I'm apparently about 6 inches taller than I appear in real life. (Then why do I always have to hem my pants??)  I guess I should be happy that he probably won't continue reading, because it would be really awkward at work when he got to the sex scenes.  

Review Request...aka Marketing is a Pain

This is my first blog post.  I've submitted review requests to 43 different sites.  I have heard from 7; 4 will review Special Offers (yay!), but not for a while, 1 will post an "author interview" instead of a review (Yay!), 2 said no way outright (but I appreciate the fact that they got back to me), and the rest I haven't heard from.  Frustrating!!!  I realize that these people are doing a huge favor by even agreeing to review in the first place and I appreciate their effort (even if I never hear back from them).  I have no idea if my % "Yes, I'll review it" is good or bad, but I suppose a 10% return rate isn't too terrible.
So, in the mean time, I am hoping that the book still sells a few copies a week just to keep me from getting too bummed.  Hopefully, the reviewers will have positive things to say about it and that will get some people to check it out.