Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday

It's here.  The last ever Six Sentence Sunday.  I haven't been participating for all that long, but I appreciate the time and effort of the founders for this great idea!

Today's snippet is from Special Offers, book one of the Coursodon Dimension Series.  Hailey becomes "possessed" by Sebastian, who was previously trapped in her Kindle.  Alex finds a way to communicate with Sebastian and then explains to Hailey how she ended up with a bodymate.


"He encrypted his essence into binary code and then intended to broadcast himself into his laptop, which was on and in the room.  He predicted that his spiritual being would remain intact and protected there until he could be reunited with his corporeal self. Unfortunately, he believes that during the melee with Kashanian the computer was damaged and was no longer receiving data.  There was a warehouse nearby, one which he assumes must have been a Kindle manufacturing site.  Luckily for Sebastian, someone must have been testing the wireless capabilities of one just as he became disembodied, and he was intercepted by this,” he declared as he dramatically picked up my Kindle.  He looked at the eBook reader with both wonder and admiration and whispered, “He did it;  that crazy bastard actually did it.”


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