Sunday, January 6, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday!

Welcome back for six sentences from my latest book Special Rewards. Here's the set up: Alex found a rather dangerous package in his hotel room, but the guy at the front desk can't remember much about the woman who brought it. Sebastian speculates that the lack of detail must be a function of how well-endowed the delivery chick was.


“Close, she had very large breasts, wore a low-cut, tight sweater and the only other characteristic he remembered was that she had long, auburn hair.” 

What is it with men and mammaries?  Shove some humongous hooters in front of them and they lose 50 IQ points. “Let me get this straight,” I began, shaking my head slowly in disbelief. “He can’t recall anything important because he was mesmerized by her cleavage?” 

“One should never underestimate the befuddling power of boobs,” Sebastian replied. 


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  1. HAHA this is so true and funny. Great six.

  2. LOL! Love this line "One should never underestimate the befuddling power of boobs"

    1. Thanks! I like the line also. It was almost "...the mesmerizing effect of mammaries."

  3. Every one of your 'six' posts about Special Rewards makes me think "Oh, that's my favorite part!" I think the whole book is my favorite part:)