Sunday, November 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday November 25

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by for another 6.  This week's snippet is from Special Rewards, Book Two of the Coursodon Dimension Series.

In the first book -- Special Offers -- Hailey was possessed by the spiritual essence a magically inclined enforcer from Coursodon, a parallel dimension.  Sebastian (or Sebastard, as she frequently calls him), had been trapped in her Kindle and was transferred into Hailey when she first used the eBook reader.  But sharing your body with a supernatural being can have its downside....


In the end, Sebastian was returned to his own body and, much like a paranormal hostess gift, I was left with a tiny bit of his power.  So far, my only magical talent was the unsettling habit of destroying things when I got really pissed off.  The object of these grueling exercises was to make sure I didn’t accidentally blast someone into oblivion just because they cut in front of me in traffic.  Okay, I only did that once, and I didn’t zap them, just their car.  Magical prowess really brought a new level of nastiness to road rage.  If not for my new Courso friends’ abilities to alter human recollection, a bunch of unsuspecting people would be wondering why the bumper on someone’s F-150 pickup randomly exploded. 


Thanks again for checking out my post-Black Friday 6.  While you are here, spend some time looking at some of my other posts. Then check out more Six Sentence Sunday snippets.


  1. Love love love the voice in this. A touch of humor and wit. Wonderful six!

  2. Fantastic 6! I love the visual of Hailey exploding someone's car. *snicker* Great line - "Okay, I only did that once, and I didn’t zap them, just their car."

  3. I loved the part about the exploding bumper on the truck. Great six, M.L. :)

    1. Thanks, Siobhan. I like that part too!