Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday November 18

I planned to sign up early for this week's Six Second Sunday, but I had a complete brain fart and forgot! So I am very excited if you made your way here from there (and my #87).

Today's 6 comes from Book 2 of the Coursodon Dimension Series - Special Rewards.  Hailey seems to be in a spot of trouble...


“Get up.  Now.”

I couldn’t see his face because my head was now buried between my knees, but I knew from the tone in his voice that he meant business. “This is beyond cruel and inhumane.  Don’t you extra-dimensionals have some form of the Geneva Convention?  Can’t you just water-board me instead?” 


Thanks again for stopping by.  Check out the other Six Sentences and also check out Special Rewards, just released this week!


  1. Great 6 sentences to share! And that first chapter was a great way to start the second book!

  2. I always find the first chapter is the best way to begin a book ;-)
    Seriously, thanks!