Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Firemen on a 100 Degree Day

This afternoon, I stopped by a Tucson firehouse to do some research for the book.  There were only two guys there at the time, which was a little disappointing.  Firefighters tend to be in great shape, and I kind of hoped the place would be crawling with hotties, shirtless and glistening with sweat from a recent workout.  And there was no pole - the firehouse was a converted one-story ranch house with an over-sized garage for the trucks. But the firefighters that were there were more than helpful, and they didn't seem at all annoyed at my questions.  Or concerned when I asked about the ins and outs of arson investigations. On the contrary, they seemed happy to talk to someone other than each other, and kept asking if I had any other questions.  They were probably bored.  This time of year most of their time is spent removing rattlesnakes from people's yards (they do it for free here), and they usually send more guys than needed to extract the offending reptiles.  They only need one to hold the box and one to grab the snake with the long pole.  But there is always at least one superfluous dude who just stands around and watches the other guys snag the rattler.  So I assume that ennui compels the extra man to come, because, honestly, it's not all that exciting to watch someone catch a snake.  Although it might be if the firemen were shirtless...

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