Monday, May 14, 2012

Reviews, Rejection and Randomness

Recently, I received a 4-star review from Paranormal Romance.  I even made the blog owner’s favorite quotes list Hailey says to Angelica.  And after it was posted, my sales went up! (thanks, Amanda!)   But now, sales are slow and that’s making me twitchy. Today, on Twitter I offered a free kindle copy of Special Offers to the first two people that responded.  It was even re-tweeted by Amanda from the Paranormal Romance blog (thanks again, Amanda!).  No one responded.  Great.  I can’t even give the book away.  I am depressed. Maybe I need to up the Zoloft.

Next month, a bunch of reviews of Special Offers are scheduled to be posted, and I am hopeful that if the reviews are good, my sales will again increase.  I only occasionally find a reviewer that I haven’t already contacted, so my review requests have also slowed.  And then there are a few people that said they would review the book, but haven’t.  I’m not sure if that means they still plan to, or they hated it so much they couldn’t finish it.  Or maybe they have amnesia and don’t remember agreeing to review it.  But I suspect they didn’t like it.  Not that I expect everyone to like it (see my blog post below on that subject), I actually would like some honest criticism.  My husband says a crappy review makes the rest of them seem more authentic, but that’s from a guy that thinks the atrocious puns in the newspaper’s “Jumble” puzzle are funny.

Anyway, my reviewer request total is up to 70, with 13 saying “yes”, 4 responding “no” and the rest haven’t replied.  And my Amazon reviews are at 9, with an average star-rating of 4.7.  

And now for the randomness.  I took this photo in a small, neighborhood park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  No one was around, just these creepy dolls.  I think it would make a great book cover.

Now if I can only come up with a story to go with it...

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