Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keep Your Daily Word Counts to Yourselves

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate it when writers tweet how many words they wrote that day.  I understand they are excited to be so productive, but do they need to share that information?  No one ever posts, “I wrote 10 words today, and each one was like pulling a botfly worm out of a cat’s nose”.  It’s always a perky, “I just finished writing 3,021 words, all before breakfast”.  

I’m happy for them, I really am.  But I don’t want to be bombarded with their ability to spit out words onto paper like that Duggar woman spits out babies.  The conspiracy theorist in me suspects it is part of their nefarious plan to psychologically undermine all the other writers out in the Tweetasphere.  Because, let’s face it, who knows if they are even telling the truth?  There’s no way of checking their progress.  And even if they did type all those words, how do we know it wasn’t the same word typed 3,021 times?  

So please, I beg of you, stop making me feel inadequate and keep your word counts to yourselves.  I spend enough money on my therapist as it is.


  1. This is so true! A friend of mine always tweets me her word count and I hate how inadequate I feel when I share my own pathetic one back to her. Safer to just remain in the dark I think :) x

  2. Oh my I think you've hit a nail there. LOL. Yes, I am with you at this particular stage of the game. I did start to do that, post in a forum my word count but to be honest, I'm still trying to find the botfly worm. Ahem. So yeah, seeing how great everyone else is doing just sends me into a deeper funk.

    As for the conspiracy thingy, yeah, you could be right on that front too. I think that's why they force writers to do all the other jobs too, like editing, promoting, advertizing, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, smashingwords... etc. Just how many hats are we expected to wear, cos you know, ok I AM a hat person but I don't have the wardrobe space for more hats. Just saying.