Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grilled Cheese Erotica

For National Grilled Cheese Day, the Huffington Post posted about a study claiming people who love grilled cheese have more sex than non-grilled cheesers.  Here's the article:

As a GC-lover myself, I understand the connection...

I slathered on the butter, because that’s the way I like it.  Its doughy surface morphed from pale to glistening, dark, and I smiled knowing my ministrations were responsible for this metamorphosis.  Furtively, I watched with longing as it sizzled and could barely control myself once I caught the first whiff of its decadent aroma, wafting up in delicious waves as it grew ready.  When I could stand it no longer, I slid it directly onto the counter, not bothering with the normal conventions of dishware.  It lay there, taunting me from its granite perch. 

“Eat me,” it moaned.  “Eat me, now.” 

Grabbing it with both hands, I was only vaguely aware my flesh burned where I touched it. I didn’t care, I only wanted to slake my burgeoning desires.  I pulled the sides apart roughly, mesmerized by the soft tendrils of molten gold that appeared between the moist folds of its now exposed core.  I devoured it, and when there was no more, slowly licked my cheese-drenched fingers in a desperate attempt to make the pleasure last.

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